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Wade & Summer - Rarangi, NZ

Honeycomb Caves and Arch Tours

Make sure you visit Oparara, the most valuable ecological area in the entire region.

The Oparara Basin and rainforest is just 16 kilometres from Karamea and the Last Resort. This is an area well worth exploring and offers a multitude of fantastic, natural, landscape photo opportunities.

Guided tours of the Oparara are an excellent activity for everyone on holiday in Karamea. They are especially good for families as the tours are suitable for all ages, though a reasonable level of mobility is required to ensure you get the maximum from your experience. The tours involve moderate walking and some mild activity.

A guided tour of the Honeycomb Caves will bring you face-to-face with New Zealand's fascinating history. You will also see extinct animal subfossils, this includes bones from the gigantic Moa.

On the tour you will learn in-depth information on the Honeycomb Caves formation, the geological processes, along with ancient and present day ecology. This very unique tour takes you through part of the 13 kilometres of underground passages that make up the Caves and you will see that 'Honeycomb' is a appropriate name.

Honeycomb Caves tours usually take 1½ to 2 hours to complete, much of this is conducted underground.

All tours to the Honeycomb Caves and Oparara Arches are organised by the Karamea Information Centre and they handle all enquiries, payments and bookings.

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